Studio Tour


I spent two years making space for my art in our 28ft RV (first two photos above & below). We lived this way as a family of five in order to save up for our first home, and to see how tiny we could really live. It had so many challenges, but it taught us all so much, and helped us grow stronger as people and as a family. It makes us really appreciate what we have now, and it also taught me that I can paint anywhere.


Now, I'm extremely fortunate to have dedicated space for my art within my shed studio. I only have to share it with a few garden tools, and of course my children have the ability to come and go as they please. There are always supplies just for them to create right along with me. When it gets too cold in the winter, I move into a little corner in my kitchen, and continue to paint all year long.



Here is a studio tour video that I took over the summer. It was very messy at the time, and I have made a few changes in there since, but it's still fun to see. I will have to make another video of the changes soon.



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